Alpinestars Drop 2 Shorts – Review

alpinestars shorts

Reviewed By Andy Wiseman

If you’re riding in your basketball shorts, your running shorts or your all purpose “shants”, you’re missing out. Plus, your riding fashion sense is totally lame.

Not only do purpose-made riding shorts add to the comfort of your ride, they make you more efficient on long rides and add smiles to your miles. Spandex should be outlawed, but Alpinestars’ new Drop 2 shorts should be inlawed. Or, given to your in-laws if you intend to make the peace.

I’ve ridden these shorts for over 2,000 miles in all conditions and they seem to almost disappear when in the saddle. That is to say, I don’t feel them, and they move with me very well. They’re vented, come with a padded liner and after repeated washings, slams and hot, dusty rides (mostly in the brutal southern humidity here in the Ozarks), they’ve held up outstandingly.