Box DH One handlebar – Review

Box DH One handlebar
Reviewed by Andy Wiseman

Those I ride with regularly know that I’m not the most in-tune guy with the latest technical features and newest innovations for bike components. I tend to know what I like and “set it and forget it”, not upgrading parts often and ripping what I’ve got: a rippin’ fast Transition Patrol Carbon with a solid build. It’s a hot bike that came with great components right out of the box.

But recently I decided to upgrade the stock aluminum bar that came with my bike to a carbon bar from Box. My reasons for the change weren’t related to weight – instead – it was all about dampening vibration and adding stiffness. And I’ve been stoked with the results!

On loose, chattery terrain, like the faster sections of Esther’s Loop at Coler, I felt substantially less vibration. In high-speed rocks at Leatherwood the bar felt more stable and far more rigid, which is a big plus when hammering rocks that follow rocks that follow rocks….When you’re handling a rock garden at speed, feel is really important – even if it seems subconscious. This bar feels great in repeated rocks. More responsive – and yes – lighter too.

Box makes lighter bars for XC riders – and I’m sure those looking to shave weight and dampen vibration would benefit from upgrading from aluminum to carbon.

Very happy with this bar and recommend it highly for Enduro-minded riders.