Leatt 3DF 6.0 knee pads – Review

The Leatt 3DF 6.0 knee pads in all their glory

Reviewed by Colten Jones

These knee pads are beefy. These are for days doing shuttle laps at Lake Leatherwood, sending that huge jump you have been looking at, or when you go out to the west or east coast to ride a bike park and need a bit more protection than usual. They don’t breath particularly well, but that is expected when you are looking for a more built up knee pad that will offer tons of protection. Don’t expect to feel 100% comfortable in these knee pads if you are planning on doing an all-day epic, but that’s just not what they are made for.

The 6.0’s offer a good amount of protection in a flexible and sturdy package. What I mean by this is there isn’t any ridged plastic on them that would restrict movement. The outer protection is a flexible plastic that offers a lot of scrape resistance, but in a way that doesn’t restrict your movement on the bike. Under this flexible plastic on the outside is a decent amount of padding to dampen any big hits straight to the knee, enough to where I feel these are the most knee protection I would need and are my go to for gnarly days on the bike.

Now lets talk about fit, these knee pads hurt to put on. They hurt because the gippy compound that is suppose to hold it to your leg pulls my leg hair as I put them on. It’s a small detail and for sure not a deal breaker as it leads into my favorite part about these knee pads. I have never had knee pads that don’t move around what so ever on my legs, until I bought these. There is no movement on your legs they stay exactly where you put them when you put them on and it is absolutely wonderful. That is my favorite part about these knee pads. Sometimes when I have them on for a while the back of my leg starts to chafe a bit, but its never any big deal for me and the more I wear them the more I get used to it and its doesn’t happen.

In conclusion, these are not my daily driver knee pads, but they are an essential tool in my protection tool box for keeping me safe when riding gnarly terrain. I usually wear a small in knee pads and these are no different. I am at the very top of the small size, so I could also wear a medium, but decided to go with the small. I am glad I did because the fit is perfect for my legs, I don’t even have to use the strap to tighten them down. They stay in place anyway. If you want to see if these knee pads are right for you, Mojo Cycles carries Leatt so you can try some on as well as other brands to really decide what you like.


  1. All the protection you could want                                                      
  2.  Don’t move on your legs
  3. Don’t restrict movement


  1. They don’t breathe well (to be expected with this kind of knee pad)
  2. A little bit of chafing at first
  3. They pull leg hair when you put them on