Serfas Seal-Valve44 tubeless valves – Review

Serfas Seal-Valve44

Reviewed by Andy Wiseman.

If I had to guess, I’d say 75% of experienced off-road riders are now riding tubeless. And when you step up into the more serious ranks of avid cross country and enduro racing riders, that number is 100%. Most tires and rims are tubeless-ready these days, and it’s easier than ever to install a solid tubeless setup yourself. If you haven’t converted to tubeless yet – do it! Because riding tubeless has a number of awesome benefits:

1. Less weight. This translates to more power per pedal stroke 
2. A better all-around handling experience
3. Allows for super quick trail-side repair of flats using simple plugs that you can pick up at Mojo for a great value. I’ve personally fixed a flat in less than thirty seconds using a tubeless plug system – and that means more riding time. 

Riding tubeless requires a few simple additions that are affordable and easy to set up: tire sealant, rim tape and tubeless valves. As much as I love the experience that riding tubeless provides, I’ve experienced frustration with leaky and often clogged valves. Clogging happens because sealant is pushed into the valves via centrifugal force and when that happens, the slightest contact with oxygen causes it to dry. This happens without you knowing it – until you go to add a little air to your tire and find that the valve either won’t allow air to pass at all, or only with heavy pressure.

The new Seal-Valve 44s from Serfas have a larger-diameter valve hole, which won’t clog. I’ve been riding these valves for 400 trail miles and haven’t had them clog once. Great innovation! Sometimes it’s the simple things…

Pick up a set at Mojo – and Dave and the crew will be glad to answer your questions about tubeless conversions.