Wolf Tooth ReMote – Review

Wolf Tooth ReMote

The setup Garrett is using – Wolf Tooth ReMote on SRAM guide brakes with SRAM matchmaker mount for a super clean cockpit. PHOTO: Mountain Bike Action


Reviewed By Garrett Hubbard

Dropper post remotes don’t get nearly as much love as the droppers themselves. This goes a long way to explain why the remotes are still fairly lame, despite the fact that posts have finally become reliable. Dropper post makers have even recognized their lever shortcomings and some sell droppers and remotes separately. Specialized was early to recognize the need for a solid lever that felt and looked like a shifter lever. Props to them. It took a company like Wolf Tooth, who doesn’t even make a dropper post, to bring a great lever to the masses (not just the gear heads who knew about the Specialized lever). Wolf Tooth makes lots of aftermarket small parts like chain rings, chain guides, and smartly designed tools.

After having a KS dropper in 2014-2015 with their awkward remote, a Rock Shox Reverb (which never failed me in the 18 months I had it) paired with the “right side” plunger remote (pre 2018 paddle remote) which I ran upside down on the left side under the bar. I’ve been running the ReMote with my Fox Transfer dropper post for over a year and here are my findings.


The paddle sits at the same spot as my shifter pod on the other side. Actuation is smooth thanks to a ball bearing. The machined grooves help me never to slip while trying to actuate the post. But the grooves aren’t so deep that it is rough to the touch.


It was easy. Not much else to say except that it also has a barrel adjuster so you can dial in the cable tension to your preference.


Much like a rear derailleur hangar, it has a part designed to break under impact to save the rest of the lever.


You can get the ReMote with a standard handlebar mount or a mount to fit with your existing Shimano and SRAM brake lever clamp. This makes for a super clean handlebar where you don’t have to have another clamp on the bar. It is sturdy and doesn’t have any lever play.

They work with all cable actuated posts and they’ve even made one with a higher leverage ratio so that it takes effort by your thumb to actuate the post. The Wolf Tooth website has a list of most of the posts on the market and recommends if you should get the standard ReMote or the ReMote Light Action version. ALSO, you can ditch your awkward old Reverb remote and run this remote with a cable to hydraulic adapter.


I have had zero issues with both of my levers of the past years. My friends who have this remote have also had great luck.

Bottom line

The Gravitas Racing team is stoked on the Wolf Tooth ReMote. This $50-$60 part is worth every penny. I’m particular about my bike’s cockpit and this product just disappears under my handlebar and I’ve pretty much forgotten that it’s there. That is a good thing. I like it so much that I have it on both of my bikes. If you have a flimsy remote or previous generation RS Reverb remote, run, don’t walk to the bike shop and get one. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas, pop by Mojo Cycling who has been selling Wolf Tooth components for years. If you have a decent remote, consider this lever as well. The Wolf Tooth ReMote will outlast your current dropper and you can pair it with your next longer, lighter, stronger, and faster dropper post.