Garrett Hubbard

Garrett Hubbard Gravitas Racing Coler Enduro September 2018 4th in Pro_1A (1)Name: Garrett Hubbard

Team Role: CEO

Age: 39

Category: Pro

Years Riding: 23

Race Bike: Ibis Ripmo, Ibis Mojo HD4

Best Result: 3rd, Pro – Bella Vista Enduro (AES); 4th overall, Pro – Arkansas Enduro Series

Riding Style: Kind of like a gazelle but with opposable thumbs

Bio: Garrett cut his teeth riding mountain bikes with his father, who also has hairy legs and has an affinity for all things with two wheels. At University, it became evident that cross country mountain biking was a gateway drug to more dangerous riding disciplines like Downhill and Dual Slalom. He traded in his spandex for body armor and hasn’t looked back. Garrett still loves riding through the woods with his buddies and usually can be found with huge smile on his face. Garrett is married to an amazing Arkansan woman, is a daddy, and runs a boutique visual storytelling studio in Bentonville, AR.